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Our Process

We emphasize open and honest dialogue that takes into account at what stage our clients are in their personal and financial lives. We then draw upon our extensive resources and expertise to make appropriate unbiased recommendations.

We don’t just plan and advise. We implement and maintain.

From the first meeting you have with the team at Provider Financial, you will learn what makes us stand out. By taking a phased approach, we will design a strategy that is tailored to your needs, and is fully aligned with your goals.

As you navigate through life, we intend to be with you, every step of the way.

Phase 1 – Discovery

During our initial meeting, we will ask for detailed information about your financial situation, define your personal and financial goals and aspirations, understand your timeframe for results, and discuss how you feel about risk. We’ll ask what are your goals? Your values? What really matters to you? Where do you stand financially? Where do you want to go? Through the Discovery process, we will develop an understanding that will guide every aspect of your financial plan.

Phase 2 – Analysis

A clear picture of your current situation is important to make the most informed decisions. We will give you a detailed outline of your current financial realities while suggesting solutions to potential problems and pointing out untapped opportunities.

Phase 3 – Implementation

Based on your input, we will prioritize the steps of your planning and then put the plan into action. The end result will be a fully-integrated and comprehensive plan.

Phase 4 – Maintenance

Life is full of changes, which is why our plans are dynamic. We keep your completed plan current through scheduled reviews to monitor performance and discuss any life changes. This helps ensure that your plan remains truly cutting-edge as you and your family navigate and grow through life’s different stages.